List of works:

All scores are available directly from the composer.


Black and Blue - for solo piano.

I hear you, Mr Blackbird - for solo piano and blackbird


Fragments - soprano and piano

To My Cist - soprano and piano

Wrong Jacket - baritone and piano

Letters - SATB & four soloists

The Land of Nightingales and Honey - soprano, alto and piano

The Storm Chorus - mixed voices, flexi ensemble and piano


Bean-Nighe - soprano saxophone and piano

Kaleidoscope - saxophone quartet (S,A,T,B)

Spectrum of a Peopled Street - saxophone quartet (S,A,T,B)

Tibetan Canon - five short pieces for flute and piano.

Super Fiendish - clarinet and piano.

Light and Dark Sonatina - clarinet and piano


Solemnity - brass quintet

Prelude and Fugue - brass quintet.


Partition - cello and piano

Quatros Cabeceo - string quartet.

Small Mixed Ensembles

Gwyneth - narrator, violin, viola, piano. 


Tempest: Storm and Sunlight - clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violins, viola, cello.

The Song Was Endless; The singing will never be done - Music theatre work for baritone solo, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano.


Prelude: Taming of the Shrew - full orchestra.


List of performances:


To My Cist [WP]. Anna Snow (soprano) and Kate Ledger (piano). York, Unitarian Chapel. [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID]


Partition [WP] Ivana Peranic (cello) and Rachel Fryer (piano). Illuminate Women's Music Concert Series. [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID]


April I Hear You, Mr Blackbird [WP]. Duncan Honeybourne (piano), ONLINE, Contemporary Piano Soundbites. Available At:


February The Land of Nightingales and Honey [WP]. Mahogany Opera. Edinburgh, Reid Concert Hall.



November Wrong Jacket. Dan Sladden (baritone) and Piano. Ripon, Ripon Cathedral.

July Letters [WP] by Soon Amore, directed by Chris Bartram. Unitarian Chapel, York.

April Wrong Jacket [WP] by Robert Rice (baritone) and Piano (Liz Mucha), York, Late Music.

March The Storm Chorus [WP]. Streetwise Opera, Middlesbrough Town Hall.


March Spectrum of a Peopled Street [WP]. Delta Saxophone Quartet. York, Late Music.


August Fragments [WP] by Payee Chen (soprano) and Kate Ledger (piano).  Late Music, Unitarian Chapel, York.


September Workshop of Tempest: Storm and Sunlight (Octet). PRS Foundation, London.

June Gwyneth [WP] by the Albany Trio.  Late Music, Unitarian Chapel, York.



September Premier of Kaleidoscope by the Delta Saxophone Quartet. Late Music, Unitarian Chapel, York.

April Solemnity [WP] by Brassed Off. York St John University.



November Black and Blue by Richard Casey. York St John University (workshop item).

June Prelude: Taming of the Shrew by York University Orchestra. York University.

May  Prelude and Fugue by Brassed Off. York St John University.

March Super Fiendish [WP] by Nicholas Cox (clarinet) and Richard Casey (piano). Late Music, Unitarian Chapel, York.




March Quatros Cabeceo by the Ligeti String Quartet. York St John University (workshop item).